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Media Rep Services Nexus Media

Media Rep. Services

The foundations of Nexus Media are in sales representation. Our experience with both advertising agencies and direct advertiser relationships give us the most credible platform, where we make full use of the very best opportunities for our media clients.

Digital Media Programatic Nexus Media Asia

Digital Media & Programmatic

Digital and mobile media are increasingly important and Nexus is ahead of the curve in understanding, positioning, and monetising digital platforms. Our expertise is honed on a daily basis while representing a great number of global digital media owners.

Agency Services

Nexus Media provides agency services to maximise the impact of advertisers’ campaigns by sourcing and proposing the right mix of media and formats on top of options under the Nexus Media portfolio.

Creative Content Nexus Media Asia

Creative Content

The Nexus Media team includes highly-skilled publishing and content professionals with a wealth of experience in producing custom content in the luxury, consumer, business, and technical arenas for custom, business-to-business, and consumer media titles.

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The media landscape is continually changing. Media representation companies have become too big and are no longer giving enough time and dedication to their media owners. This is where Nexus Media comes in. As a boutique media sales company, we choose our exclusive partners carefully to ensure that we deliver on revenue expectations by leveraging our internal expertise and dedicated time.


Collectively, we have over 150 years of experience providing expert advice.


A vibrant, enthusiastic team of advisers are always here to help.


Our specialists ensure you get the optimum results.

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About Us

Nexus Media is a boutique media company that represents premium titles and digital platforms. We have an exceptionally strong management team, based in Hong Kong with global partners, with proven media expertise. It is the combination of experience, delivering client value, and building advertiser relationships while serving exclusive clients that sets us apart as a dedicated partner to do business with. Categories in which we are exceptionally strong include tourism, aviation, hospitality, fashion, luxury brands, financial institutions, architecture and design, and business intelligence.

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