Sunday Star-Times

The Sunday Star-Times connects with New Zealanders every Sunday, offering readers the opportunity to catch up on news and opinions, get deeper insight into featured topics and business and be inspired by travel and fashion content.  It attracts a highly valuable and affluent audience.  Skewing to females with a high household income, it’s an ideal platform to reach an audience who have a strong purchasing power and are interested in new ideas.

  • 586,000 readership by month
  • 57% of readers are attracted to new ideas and gadgets
  • Touching print ads improves brand trust and a consumers confidence in a brand and its reliability increase by 30%
  • 67% of readers are homeowners
  • 36% of readers have a household income of NZD100,000+
  • 50% of The Press readers are their household’s main shopper
  • Average age of The Sunday Star-Times reader is 51 years
  • Average household income of readers : NZD101,196


Frequency : Weekly (Sunday)

For more information, please contact Gloria Ho: [email protected] or contact no.: +852 2905 3211