The Press

The largest daily paper in the South Island, The Press has been setting the local news agenda for over 150 years with a diverse range of content and a loyal subscriber base. The Press offers brands and business a premium advertising environment and delivers an engaged and motivated audience. The Press readers are a loyal and engaged bunch with 75% of distribution being via home subscriptions.

With a diverse range of content and specialised lift-outs, The Press can help you reach Cantabrians, from farmers to fashionistas and families to foodies.  With a range of options including display ads, special features, inserts and wraps The Press can create the best solution for your business needs.


  • 311,000 people read The Press across a typical week
  • 179,000 people read The Press on an average day
  • 52% of The Press readers are their household’s main shopper
  • 78% of readers are homeowners
  • 41% daily reach to locals with household income of NZD100,000+
  • Average household income of NZD86,244 which is higher than the average South Island resident
  • 81% of The Press readers actually buy products after seeing them in their daily newspaper
  • Reaches 125,000 homeowners on an average day


Frequency : Monday to Saturday every week

For more information, please contact Gloria Ho: [email protected] or contact no.: +852 2905 3211