Nexus Programmatic: A single point to advertise in all world-class media

Nexus has been working with Asia’s leading Big Data company, Demand Side Platforms (DSP) and Data Management Platforms (DMP), to offer clients programmatic buying. This allows them to effectively reach their prospects without wastage through audience targeting (behaviours, contextual, demographics, interests, language, location base, and more).

With extensive resources of premium inventory in both websites and mobile apps across Asia Pacific, Nexus offers solutions for cross-border media marketing, driving brand awareness, and performance for online-to-offline, online, and e-commerce businesses.

Asia Pacific: Reach a biddable inventory of over 10 billion users.

China: Website reaches around 98% of Chinese internet users with 3.3 billion daily impressions; mobile app reaches around 95% of the Chinese users with 450 million daily impressions.

Hong Kong: Reach a vast Hong Kong audience with over 300 million bidding requests per day.

Media Network (Mainland China)

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Media network APAC / Global

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For more information, please contact Gloria Ho: or contact no.: +852 2905 3211